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At Wedholms, we work hard at all stages to ensure a perfect product quality. However, there can of course always be mistakes and we offer a one-year warranty on our milk cooling tanks and a five- year warranty on the evaporators. The warranty period applies from the date of invoicing. Below you can read more about our warranty rules and also send us your claim. To enable quick and efficient handling of your claim, please make sure to send us a complete claims form and to attach all necessary documents. Further down on this page you can read more about our rules regarding warranty. Here you can download a pdf that you can fill in and send to us >>

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*All warranties must be handled through either e-mail or conventional mail.
Address and more information regarding warranties can be found in the accordion below.

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Rules regarding warranty

Installation report for the tank must be attached to the warranty report at all times. If the cooling unit was not attached to the tank at delivery, but was installed separately, the installation document for separate installation must be attached. This installation report must also be attached when there’s been a replacement of the compressor. If the warranty is for a damaged cooling unit/leakage there must be a picture of the damage/place of leakage attached to the warranty report. To be able to make a decision within 90 days all information must be given the technical group at Wedholms within 14 days.

Spare part

If the customer needs a spare part during the warranty process it will be shipped without freight and with 90 days net on the invoice. If the warranty is approved the invoice will be credited. If the warranty is not approved the customer have to pay the invoice and will also be imposed the freight.


Warranty for labour will only be approved in those cases when a tank is sold directly from Wedholms to retail customer and the warranty is submitted within the time limit for warranties. In those cases where the above mentioned is valid, it must be obvious which invoice the warranty claim concerns.


Complaints must be submitted within six weeks from the decision.

Warranty time

  • For new Wedholms tanks the warranty time is 12 months from the invoice date.
  • The evaporator has 60 months warranty from the invoice date.
  • The compressors have 12 months warranty from the invoice date.
  • For spare parts the warranty is 12 months from invoice date, or 18 month total with warehousing.
  • If other warranty time is decided a written proof must be attached to the report.

Warranty is only for original Wedholms parts and when a correct installation is made.

Return of parts for warranty.

During the warranty process the customer must store the broken part if the technical group at Wedholms wants to examine it closer. Please don’t leave any markings on the part with permanent ink. If a return is necessary it shall be send to Wedholms AB in Nyköping, Sweden, and be marked Warranty (Adress below).

Wedholms AB

Wahlströms väg 5
SE – 611 29 Nyköping

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to Warranty@wedholms.se