New detergent hose for the Argos / Nautilus 2 dosing pump
We have replaced the detergent hose in the dosing pump in Argos and Nautilus 2 with a new type of hose. The new SH55 hose has a higher shore value and is thus more durable than its predecessor. As it is very important for functionality that enough silicone grease is used, we offer the new hose in a complete package for aftermarket with two hoses and just the right amount of silicone grease that is recommended to be used. The package is available with or without valves. Find out more about the new detergent hose in our Service News no. 1 / 2020. You can order the new hose as a complete package for aftermarket in our webshop.


Cooling technician

I especially like the easy way of mounting and possibility of remote maintenance. That makes the Wedholms milk cooling tank to the perfect choice for me and my customers!


Dairy farmer

For us, Wedholms was a natural choice. There is a lot of money in the tank and we do not want to risk spoiling it with a bad quality tank!



With a milk cooling tank from Wedholms, I can be sure to offer my customer a solution that fits for all his indivdual needs!



Milk truck driver

For me, Argos is the best control unit on the market today. There is one special button for me and I press it three times. It is easy to use and nothing can go wrong!


Dairy farmer

With a milk cooling tank from Wedholms in my milk room, I can focus on everything else but the tank. It takes care of my milk day after day without any disturbance.

Recover heat from the milk cooling process!

Heat water “for free” to about 40-45 degrees with our heat recovery system Interpac. More info >>

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