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Milk cooling tanks suitable for all needs

When you buy a new tank from Wedholms you can be assured that, its installation will go smoothly and there will be no problems connecting it to your existing equipment. For us at Wedholms, it goes without saying that our milk cooling tanks work with all existing systems - in other words, our tanks are suitable for everyone. Because we have all the connections needed for every kind of robot milking system, you can invest in any system you like and still feel free to choose a milk cooling tank from Wedholms.


Modular systems for large and small applications

Our modular concept means that we can customise our milk cooling tanks precisely to suit your needs and circumstances. So, whether you have ten cows or a thousand, we cab adapt our milk cooling tank to your milking parlour. You can choose a mounted or separate cooling unit. You can also equip your tank with a heat recycling system to reduce your running costs, as the waste heat can be reused to cover your farm’s hot water needs.



Full control and efficiency

The control system, Argos, is mounted on all Wedholms milk cooling tanks. It records everything that happens in the tank and issues written reports whenever you need them. It is transparent, easy to use and available in your own language; you can adapt the cooling, cleaning and stirring operations precisely to your needs. Argos also alerts you if anything goes wrong.



Quality guarantee

We give you our assurance that all Wedholms milk cooling tanks are of a consistently high quality and satisfy all the relevant EU standards. When you buy a tank from Wedholms, you also get our extensive know-how about the best possible ways of handling milk.



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